Book Review – First Dragon

“A Dragon Without a Heart Would be very Dangerous Indeed.”

First Dragon

First Dragon


First Dragon

Susan Gourley

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My Thoughts

This is an amazing book and Susan does such an effortless job of painting the picture of the world in her words. If you gave me paper right now and told me to draw you a map, I could produce a Game of Thrones-type thing depicting all of Morbunda including Logantown, Milltown, Minetown and everything in between.

The story is one that is hard to put down from the very start. We’re dumped right into the action from the first word of the prologue and there isn’t much slowing down…ever. Kerik, Lyla and Donal are best friends. Kerik is an orphan but Lyla and Donal (the children of the land’s ruler) love him just the same. He gets overcome with these fevers from time to time though and they’re getting worse. In Morbunda the Daughters and the Knights protect the land. The Daughters represent the spiritual aspect of the god Umbron and the Blessed Knights are their protectors. The Daughters visit Logantown on the heels of a vicious attack and find Kerik in the midst of one of his fevers – and they know what it is! Kerik is one of the world’s last pure Dragons who can take actual dragon form. They help him become who he is, but he has to leave his friends. They are young, but it’s clear he and Lyla love each other and when he has to leave it’s truly pitiful and I could feel her pain. He never really leaves her though, and comes back to help Logantown when another threat is nipping at their heels. This story is full of twists and turns (like, oh – is Lyla really just a normal girl???) and a good 150 pages of sexual tension that still has me messed up. This is the first book in a series and you best believe I’ll be one of the first ones to read the next book because I don’t care if my lips would burn slap off – I would’ve kissed that man everywhere! And maybe I have…in a dream or two.

This is a good one, my friends. Very good!!

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