Hey, Hi and Hello

It’s July. How did that happen? I honestly don’t know where the first half of the year went. Since we last spoke, I’ve moved into a new house, turned another year older and completed half of my new novel. In truth, the novel was a Nano project just to get me writing again. Then, as they often do, it took on a life of its own and here we are 52K words and three drafts later. Yes, I know I should only have one draft as it’s still the ‘first’ draft, but my path has never been very straight. I tried to outline with this one, that’s what brought all the chaos. I tried to be a planner and map this thing out and was ready and feeling good about it. Then I started writing and everyone was like, ‘Hahaha, silly author! We do what we want and you will just come along for the ride!’ And I was like, oh right – I forgot no one listens to me. Now I do what they tell me and things are going much better. Though, I’m not writing this one alone per se and am learning a lot during this process. I heard the best advice the other day. Someone said to forget about plot and storyline and all those things and focus on: what does your main character want more than anything, and how can you prevent them from getting it. Well, that, I can do.

I recently took a social media detox and found it to be quite liberating. While I have reinstated most of my accounts, I don’t think I’ll have the apps on my phone. My son said to me that people don’t have real friends anymore. This made me sad and wonder if all this connectedness is really pushing us further and further apart in the end. I can click on a box and see how my cousins and great-aunt are doing without every actually checking in on them. We don’t have family get-togethers like we used to. Our kids don’t even know each other. How sad is that? These people who shaped my life and loved me and taught me to take chances by cutting my hair off one summer for no reason are strangers to my son. It’s a shame. Maybe it’s time to find real connections again?

I don’t want seven months to go by before I post again, so here is my commitment to blogs I shall post soon.

  • Wonder Woman – A love story, but not the kind you thought.
  • My Favorite Books of all time. One of mine might even make this list.
  • Seasons of Love. After making it almost seventeen years of marriage, I have some advice to share.

I hope everyone reading this blog is either in a good place, or on a solid road to a good place. Choose to be happy with the life you have while you make consistent effort to achieve the life you want. It can be done.

See below for some pics of the new house, should you be interested.

New House


Master Bedroom

Stairs to son’s room.

Kitchen/Living Room

Front Entry

Happy New Year

What.A.Year. I mean, it’s been one crazy ride. Every time we thought nope, nothing could top this…something would come along and we’d be shaking our heads yet again. We’ve lost so many greats this year and I can’t help but wonder, was it this year or just that I’m getting older? I feel like this little experiment is democracy is coming to an end. We’ve clearly learned nothing from the ‘great’ nations that came before us, because none of them lasted. Greed and prejudice and a lack of respect for life cut them down one by one. Are we so far behind that? I hope we are, but I doubt it more and more. I hope we can get it together and find love in our hearts for everyone, because that’s what this whole America thing was supposed to be about. Freedom and respecting each other’s differences. Right? RIGHT?

Despite the unrest in the world, this has been the best year for me personally since 2012. I’m in love with my job (Yes. In love. It’s a thing.) and I’ve started writing for myself again. Best of all, I am finally going to own my own home again. As an introvert, this is a big deal for me. As someone who needs a home base and a safe haven from the world, having a space to call your own is monumental. I haven’t had that since 2012 and it truly made a difference in my mental wellness. We’re building a house and it should be ready in February. This house has every upgrade that I really wanted and I’m so excited. The process has been long due to unforeseen circumstances with the lots in the neighborhood, but satisfactory due to my amazing builder and their willingness to make me happy (bless their hearts).

Lessons learned in 2016:

  • Never leave things unsaid, good or bad. They will eat you alive either way.
  • Never settle, but allow yourself time to celebrate how far you’ve already come.
  • Gratitude journals will change your perspective and perception is most certainly reality.

And my personal favorite and life motto:

  • It is never too late to become what you might have been.

I wish you all a safe and prosperous 2017!