The Litter Box Trials – An Experiment in Gratitude

I have three cats. I love them all, but I do have a favorite. Fenway, which was already his name when we adopted him, is a domestic short hair of the black and white persuasion. He has a very distinct personality. When I get home, he runs to the door – granted he’s just happy I’m home to feed him, but still. If I’m sad, he knows and comes to give me love. He sleeps with me every night. He tries to sleep on my pillow every night, but he’s 17 lbs so that never works out very well and he ends up at my feet. He’s the best cat ever in the history of ever.

Fenway the Cat

Fenway the Cat


Fenway has a digestive issue. Since he was a kitten he has had the most stinky, nasty poo I’ve ever seen come out of a cat. It is always runny and gross and just ew. My husband calls him ‘Funky-Funk’ and ‘The Notorious F-U-N-K’ or sometimes just ‘Notorious’ for short. The litter box has to be scooped out every day and the contents thrown into a plastic bag, which is then thrown in the special ‘poo poo trashcan’ that sits in the garage. The whole litter box is changed (emptied, scrubbed, refilled) by yours truly every weekend. It’s a whole thing.
With all of this nastiness (and if you know me, you know I am NOT one for dirty or nasty things anywhere NEAR my house), one would think I ought to harbor some ill will toward this cat. I don’t. I don’t even mind doing all of these things because if I didn’t do them, I wouldn’t have Fenway.


I’ve been contemplating some things lately, you know, small things like life and my place here in this universe. I’ve also been hearing a lot about being grateful and how this perspective can indeed change your life. Up until last week I wasn’t on board with this concept as it just didn’t resonate with me. I didn’t see how someone could look past a bad situation and find something to be grateful for. Then, I thought of Fenway. Yes, changing a stinky litter box is small in comparison to some of the real shit life throws our way, but for me it was that moment when I finally got it. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Perhaps you’ve guessed by now, but this post isn’t really about my cats. This post is the beginning of what I shall call The Litter Box Trials, which is essentially my commitment to live a more grateful life.
• Areas of focus: Husband, Child, Work, Other.
• My Plan: Gratitude journal, purposefully stop complaining, two gratitude letters per year

I’ll update you in a month and let you know where I stand and the impact this little trial has had on my day-to-day life. While you wait, here is a pic of me snuggling with Fenway.

Me and Fenway

Me and Fenway


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